Moving to France

After living 4 years in a row in Tampere, 5 years in total, it’s time to change things. I’ve always known I wouldn’t spend my life in Finland – I’m thinking about writing a series of articles on the reasons for that. To be short, I’ll quickly mention the climate, Finnish traditional social coldness, and what I call a “natural incompatibility of cultures”. I’ve nothing against the Finnish ways and I understand it quite well, but there is something missing in it (in my eyes). Have to make it clear here – I’m not just your ordinary foreigner who lived isolated from the Finnish culture, making only foreigner friends, living in a bubble. I don’t fell that I need to disclose all the details of my history with Finland and Finns, I’ll trust that you can take my word on this.

You might know, Finland is number 1 in education. They’re also among the bottom 5 in corruption. Scandinavia is one of the safest areas in the world, the labor market in Finland is just wonderful for engineers (all these years I happily worked for Nokia, under Tieto). If you talk to me about Finland, you’ll notice a peculiar admiration and fascination from my part, and I won’t try to suppress it – it is certainly one of the greatest and best countries in the world to live in. Hard to explain this, hard to put it into words; it’s just a country where things just work. Every time I go to Brazil my blood boils because of the lack of commitment of public workers, companies, service providers in general – things just don’t work. That annoyance is present in other European countries as well, but in a smaller scale, and smaller intensity. Brazil can teach lessons to many European countries in many areas, but it still is far far behind Finland in many aspects: take for example the fact that Finland approved a law to grant broadband Internet access to ALL citizens! Makes me think of the dial-up speed of Brazilian Internet connections… *sigh* Alright I’m not going to start talking about Brazil now. You’ve got the point – Finland kicks ass, but I’m moving away.

So as many other foreigners that come and go, I will too be moving out soon. My new home will be Nice, in the south-east coast of France, by the turquoise-blue Mediterranean bathed beaches. So far it all looks awesome, landscapes are amazing, mild weather even in the winter, excellent traveling connections, what else!? I’ll post back with more info on the job later. For now this is all.


3 thoughts on “Moving to France

  1. nice read man,
    funny thing is that, after i’ve been gone from finland for almost a year now, even as a finnish, i think i wanted to leave finland partly for the same reasons as you.
    the people keeps asking me all the time here that why did i leave such a country, but you know.. for example, there are certain things that finland cannot provide – and those are mostly culture-related, inna way people connect with each other and such.
    in the other hand, it can all be seen only as a different way of living, one is more suitable to other, but in the end, one decides what kind of mindset wants to be surrounded by..


  2. You got that right vesa! On a side topic, i think it was a right move also coz of nokia’s decision to join microsoft… It’s too sad! Come visit! T.

  3. Oh yeah.. and the Nokia thing 😀
    But i’m not the one to say what is good and bad in this scenario.
    I was kinda waiting that Nokia would release something wicked and mindblowing, like they did a few years back, i remember for example N-gage, i think it was so much ahead of the time that people just didnt quite get it. That was maybe the coolest phone i ever had.

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