French is not an easy language

After living in Finland and learning the 5th most difficult language in the world, I thought French was going to be easy. Well actually it is an easy language, straightforward grammar, resembles portuguese etc so that’s in part true.

Once i saw a video (or read an article, cant remember) where this american scholar ranted about the fact that the english language (which has always been a simple language and that’s why it’ the ‘global’ language) was becoming dumber and dumber, whith an average american knowing in average only 300 words.
Well if you’re reading this, and if you’re not a native, you’ll know that english has innumerable wildcard verbs (take, do, make, have). French has those too.

The problem with french is, unlike english, you can’t get around with a small vocabulary. Especially because apart from the text-book french you really need to learn street-french and slang (which are different).

Then you need to learn the small nuances of tone: putain is a word that can mean an extremely harsh insult, but may also be used as a mere ‘outch’. All that range. Literally though, it means whore.


One thought on “French is not an easy language

  1. What do you think of making wider use of Esperanto as a second language for us all?

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