Arrival in Montreal, back to work

I arrived in Canada on the 12th of November with a lot of enthusiasm, a bit of anguish, the good kind. Discovery, exploration, new.

The flights were fine, British Airways is often that way. Stopping at London gave me a last opportunity to try something typically European (fish and chips), have a beer, and move on. I did not sleep on the long haul, too excited.

After landing in Montreal Trudeau, we moved on to the immigration lines which everyone said would take hours. I guess we were lucky because in 10min we were done, with work permits in hand.

JC's office
New office, new mobile, new computer, new mug

We waited some minutes for my employer to arrive, got in the car with our 10 large suitcases and drove to Sherbrooke. Arriving in Sherby around 1a.m. he wanted to show me my office, and I did like it quite much.

I started working 3 days after arrival which put me back in action quickly and also didn’t allow me a lot of time to feel lost. My new job is in Software Development, I do analysis, troubleshooting, and development of features for real-time applications as well as PC applications in the paper industry.


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