Carnival at North Hatley

We did not celebrate Carnival like most people in the northern hemisphere do. Firstly because I am from the southern hemisphere and Carnival for me is not at all what it is over here. Far as I know, they don’t have Carnival here (sorry ;-).

North hatley carnival sunday.
So we went for a drive, with plans of walking with snowshoes in the forest of Mount Hatley. It was a perfect day for that, sunny, beautiful skies, no clouds… but arriving in Hatley we got stuck in a ditch when I tried to turn around on a wide road (that was really not that wide, duh). Had to call tow. Anyway, later we went to visit the town and I have to say it’s quite cute. If you ever come to this area you have to go see this place.

This one is a video for a friend who asked me to film random parts of life over here. Enjoy buddy!

Smartcam, Kernel 3, Ubuntu

If you have tried to get the Smartcam kernel module working with the latest kernels (3.13 here) you probably struggled compiling the sources from sourceforge.

Smartcam ressucitating symbian phones

Myself I had to get 3 different patches to fix the code. Changes have been made at the linux kernel level concerning IOCTL, and also in the video-for-linux libraries (V4L2) which require fixes to the sources.

These patches did not fix everything at once, I still have to do some adjustments before it compiled. I also had to change some kernel-module tagging instructions to make insmod work correctly (could not install module invalid parameter).

I’m going to attach the my source code for the KERNEL DRIVER MODULE only, if you want the smartcam application bundle you have to get it from sourceforge.

I have to say, Ionut Dediu and Tomas Janousek are geniuses. This is a BEAUTIFUL project.

My references (I foundĀ some help here but like I said they were not complete solutions):


BTW for this sort of lower-level issue I would suggest staying away from ubuntuforums because the advice given there is many times guesswork. Arch, on the other hand, is awesome (although they have very little tolerance for noobs).

I hope I will have enough time to play with Smartcam and change it a little bit – it should be working reversely, i.e. the phone should be the server, not the Ubuntu PC.

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