Carnival at North Hatley

We did not celebrate Carnival like most people in the northern hemisphere do. Firstly because I am from the southern hemisphere and Carnival for me is not at all what it is over here. Far as I know, they don’t have Carnival here (sorry ;-).

North hatley carnival sunday.
So we went for a drive, with plans of walking with snowshoes in the forest of Mount Hatley. It was a perfect day for that, sunny, beautiful skies, no clouds… but arriving in Hatley we got stuck in a ditch when I tried to turn around on a wide road (that was really not that wide, duh). Had to call tow. Anyway, later we went to visit the town and I have to say it’s quite cute. If you ever come to this area you have to go see this place.

This one is a video for a friend who asked me to film random parts of life over here. Enjoy buddy!


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